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Following the demise of the former Port Macquarie Town Band in 1978, a public meeting was called in mid 1979 to attempt to form a new band. On 2nd October of that year, the newly appointed bandmaster Mrs Shirley Goodbar was ready to begin rehearsals.


Thirteen children and one adult came to the first meeting, with one drum, one flute, one clarinet, one saxophone, and ten trumpets. A number of other youngsters also came hoping to learn to play an instrument and take part. From such slim beginnings has grown the present Port Macquarie Hastings Municipal Band with a large active and enthusiastic membership.


The membership encompasses people from all ages and from all parts of the community, and provides musical training at all levels from beginners to accomplished players. The youngest person ever enrolled was a 5 year old drummer; the eldest a 79 year old saxophonist.


From the beginning the band was, and remains, a teaching organisation and is under the direction of a professionally trained band specialist.



Active membership is available to all persons able to attend regularly and we value our Supporters - anyone, anywhere, interested in supporting and encouraging quality music among the Australian Community.


From its inception the band has put community service at the top of its list of priorities, and makes itself available for performances for the Port Macquarie Hastings Council, and to all community organisations of every type.


With uncompromising dedication to high standards, professional instruction and community service, the Port Macquarie Hastings Band looks forward to the future as an opportunity to further expand the benefits music brings to the community that embraces it.

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